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Using KiddyCharts Reward Charts to help Children Develop- Review Post


Have you heard of KiddyCharts?

  I have mentioned in a earlier post how we have been having problems with Annabelle using the toilet.  Luckily we are getting there but I felt that she needed a little motivation, I thought that a reward chart would be perfect.  I got talking online to Helen Neale who owns Kiddy Charts and she kindly let me review the charts to see if it would give Annabelle that encouragement she needed.

 There are 3 different types of charts to use
  1. Reward Me
  2. Track Me
  3. Care 4 Me
  It was very easy to create.  You just add your child's name and photo to customise which makes it individual to your child.  Then choose a background which suits your child's age and interests!  What I found brilliant was you can choose the behaviours to suit your child's development and how many they are able to cope with.  You can choose stars star coins or ticks and whether you want the behaviours as just images, text or both.  

These are the 2 charts that I designed for Annabelle and Callum.  Annabelle is a ballerina fan and so I knew this is what she would like.  Callum is very interested in transport and I knew he would love to look at the images.  As Annabelle is almost 4 I choose 4 behaviours out of the limit of 5.  As Callum is only 2 I choose a couple.  We printed them ourselves and the finish is fantastic using Phils at work printer :) I made little cut out stars as I want to take a star off them if they don't try so in encourages them to keep there stars.

Both Children loved their charts.  Annabelle understood it straight away and Callum liked looking at the design.

Very happy to add her star

Annabelle was very excited about accomplishing the behaviours.  She even washed her hair last night for the 1st time in a long time without screaming, I can't believe how much the chart gave Annabelle that confidence.  Her other tasks were cleaning her teeth, eating up her dinners and tea's and using the potty or toilet.  She still has the habit of withholding but when I mentioned the chart she sat on the potty quickly and was very proud of herself as you can see from the above pictures.
Here is Callum saying Spider which I have never heard him say before

  I defiantly recommend  KiddyCharts to parents for Children of all ages, my nearly 6 year old brother really wanted one as he can do behaviours such as being polite and doing homework.  They really can be personilised by you to suit the child.  The chart is really helping Annabelle with her tasks, she even wanted to tell her nursery teachers so they can let me know later.  I was also a nursery nurse and do know that these reward charts help and honestly I am very impressed with the charts.

 Prices start at £2.99 however paying for a subscription works out cheaper!  If you would like one of the fantastic charts for your little one click on the link on the right of my blog!

KiddyCharts Website 

KiddyCharts Facebook Page

KiddyCharts Twitter

KiddyCharts Blog

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