Friday, 8 February 2013

Matilda Mae- The little Star

   I have been following a lovely blog 'Edspire' for some time now and when a tweet popped up on twitter it saddened me so much. Jennie from 'Edspire' lost her baby girl.  Jennie wrote

"Our beautiful daughter Matilda Mae was taken from us last night to join the angels in the sky x RIP Beautiful angel daughter x We love you x"

  Her baby girl who was only 9 months old, had started crawling that very same day and every parents worst nightmare happened.  After reading this I could not blog or enjoy my time as I could not believe what this poor family was going through.  Jennie is being amazingly brave.

 Matilda Mae and her family made me realise that nothing else matters except your family, your babies.  Joseph was awake most of the evening, I didn't care I just held him.  I thought that worrying about money and housework was not going to happen anymore.

 Since I have enjoyed my Children and haven't take them for granted.  I have listened more, I have kissed and cuddled more and I have laughed with them more.  I have put them first at all times as they are my world.

  Matilda Mae you are a little star and have touched so many people's hearts, mine included.  I am sure because of your story children are being given a lot more time and affection.  Thinking of you!

 Please take a look at Jennie's blog and her posts about the wonderful Matilda Mae


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