Saturday, 16 February 2013

I just want five minutes peace...

 Do you ever remember reading 'Five minutes Peace by Jill Murphy'? As a child I used to think why does mum and dad elephant want peace and quiet.  You soon realise when you become an adult we need some time to ourselves.  The great thing about children is they just get on with it! Brilliant little things aren't they!!

 Since becoming a mum of 3 I have had a lot less time to myself.  I think a newborn takes up a lot of your time especially a baby with reflux.  I remember when Callum was a baby it did get easier when he was about 6 months as he could entertain himself and Annabelle and him would play.  So we are still at the tricky stage. Even though my babies are my world I do need my own time to function.  Like now to write my feeling down.

 So all I can do is plod along and try and get a balance.  Right now I am getting some me time whilst my two boys are sleeping each side of me! Just lovely!!

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