Sunday, 24 February 2013

My Week That Was... Link Up

 I spotted a tweet from Real Housewife of Suffolk County with a link up to a weekly diary of what you have done in the last week! I would love to do this as you soon forget and its great to look back!

 This is brief as my memory has gone!!


Callum was still suffering from a horrible sickness bug which lasted 5 days poor little man.  I had nearly run out of Josephs medicine for reflux called Ranitadine so we went to the doctors and after weeks of hassle with a number of doctors about prescribing milk the doctor offered to prescribe with no problem.  I was shocked still am.  I will go more in detail in another post.  Myself and Annabelle took lots of pictures of my new business cards which I have got a giveaway to win a 1000 with 4 winners.


 Phil was back to work after nearly a week due to unexpected news from work.  Bit up in the air at the moment but looks like he will be looking for another job due to redundancies.  Callum was better so we spent most of the day at home and he was very tired so had a afternoon sleep which isn't usual for him. I did notice white bits on Josephs tongue but decided to wait a day incase it was milk.  It didn't go but wasn't upsetting him.  The children enjoyed lots of ice lollies today.


 After weeks of planning a night out I realised I didn't have a dress.  So looked online as there was nothing in my local town.  I love the lace dresses and the skater dresses are in.  I ordered from  It took me forever to choose. The children enjoyed role planning with the baby carrier and lots of puppy teddies then  I also took the children to a play area/cafe in one of my local towns.  I went with sister who is expecting a baby is May.  The children love it there and so do I.  I prefer it to the playbarns as I do not pay to enter, only for food and drink.  It has toys and a small play area based for under 5s. We ended up at the doctors again to get medicine for Josephs thrush.  Feel like we live there at the moment!


 The dress arrived very quickly but unfortunately I looked stupid.  I had to pick Phil my other half up from work at 6 and rush to Hanley in stoke as its my nearest bigger retail park.  Luckily found a lovely dress but I was very disappointed with the range at the moment.  I also bought a few beauty products which I love.  I really needed a pampering after having a baby.  Here is a photo of the dress I am sending back.


 I decided that I had to go for a bra fitting as I have lost weight and I could tell that it wasn't the right size. I am glad I did as I was wearing the wrong size .  My mum came round and cut Callums hair later on it the afternoon as it was a little long.  My mum is a hairdresser so we are lucky.    Friday night was pamper night!! Phil went out for the night and I really didn't mind as I was going to try fake tan for the first time and I didn't tell him.  For a couple of reasons, I knew he would question how much it costs and would laugh if it went wrong.  Luckily It was a success!!


 Saturday morning Phil was in bed so I caught up on my blog and other blogs around 'mummy I want'.  I was able to have a while to get myself ready for my first night out in too long.  The children also had a great time helping me clean my kitchen floor.


 I thought I was going to wake up with a hangover but no I was fine, a little tired but could handle that.  It was a tidy up day as its back to normal tomorrow with preschool.  We have had a fun day laughing a lot.  Annabelle put my hat on Joseph and this entertained them for ages.


  1. Thank you for joining in and linking up.
    Thrush in babies is awful isnt it? I felt like I was constantly getting medicine when Harry was a baby. It took us months to get rid of the thrush.
    I hope you enjoyed your night out. It's a shame you didn't like that dress, the colour is lovely on you. I've heard their dresses aren't very good xx

    1. Thank you for having me :)
      Yes I am lucky as I must have caught it in time but he was quite grizzly for the few days before!
      I know the style didnt do anything for me but I agree I liked the colour! I got fake tan as my legs looked so white! I won't bother again! I got a dress from New Look which suited me! xx

  2. Great to read about you and your family and so glad you've made time to have a mummy treat and do some dress shopping. I agree with Lauren about the colour of that dress on you. Intrigued about the dress you settled on in the end :)

    1. Thank you for commenting! I know its really hard to have the energy for mummy time! Thank you! I choose this dress



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