Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Baba + boo Real Nappy Review

  In a earlier post I had wrote about wanted to try out Real Nappies.  I got in  touch with a few companies as I'm sure a lot of mums and maybe dads ( not in my case ) are interested in the difference.

   Eve from Baba + Boo got in touch and kindly sent me the most Gorgeous nappy with 2 microfibre inserts.   Eve sent me a tiger design and honestly it is the most luxury feeling nappy I have ever felt.  It was very easy to set up ready, I just had to insert the 2 microfibre cloths into a hole inbetween the inside and the outside of the nappy.  The next step was getting the nappy onto my little wriggly son!!  Now my little boy is bigger than he looks.  He can actually wear the same size nappies as his big sister who is 21 months older!!!  So I was a little confused about which setting to start with and realise he is  on the biggest setting.  There is a photo bellow to explain!!

 The Nappy fit him well and I could really see the difference from the disposables.  He looked all cosy!  He was very happy crawling around in only his nappy.

  You can actually buy microfibre and bamboo inserts from Baba and Boo, if your child wee's for England do go with the Bamboo as it really does hold much more.  Eve Kindly sent me the Bamboo inserts too to show me the difference.  I know if I was review for Annabelle the Microfibre would be great but not for Callum.  You can also mix the two together to add that little bit more protection.

 My experience of using the nappy was better than I expected!! We even had a soiled nappy, I soaked it and washed it and it was as good as new!!  They are much much cheaper than disposables and great price!!  It is such a great idea which is environmentally friendly!!

Baba abd Boo website

Here is the link to Baba + Boo Starter Kits at great prices

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