Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Nearly had a part time job ........

Sorry I havn't been blogging for a couple of weeks!  Found that for once my life got in the way!   Im back in my routine again thankfully!!

 Well as the title says I nearly had a part time job!!  Phil and I decided we could do with some extra money coming in! I found out there was a 12 hour shift going at New Look!  I used to work there as a teenager and loved it, plus i get out for a little bit!  I found out we would defiantly be better of financially so I had an interview Friday and Saturday found out I had the job!!! Well I was so happy!!

 I then looked into Childminding as it is the cheapest option!! Unfortunatly I couldn't have any help from my parents or Phils! I was given mostly hours in the week! Weekends would have been fab but unfortunately I was a few weeks too late!!  If I put the children in Childcare for 5 hours, 2 days a week that was ALL my wage, not only that I would have had a slice of tax credit taken away!!!  So I said No!!!

 I am positive that the right job will pop up!!!


  1. Oh how frustrating for you! We are in the same position at the moment, pennies desperately needed but childcare is so expensive.
    Nice to see you back, had wondered why you were so quiet for a while! Hope you had a lovely Guy Fawkes xx

  2. aww childcare is so expensive I hope something suitable comes your way :) x

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