Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Annabelle has become a fussy eater! ahhhh!!!!

  Annabelle has always been a great little eater until the last week!!!  I don't know whats happened, whether she is coming down with something or she has seen fussy eaters at preschool as she has started having lunch club.  I have her lunch box sent home showing what she has left and its a lot of its still there!!

 The last few days I have just left her alone just incase its a bug, shes still picking and eats what she wants which is bread and butter,toast, yogurts and fruit!! So i'm going to have to be Clever about this!! Ok so time to do some research into fussy eaters......

   Supernanny says -

  •  Relax. Recent American research suggests that even the pickiest of young eaters are very likely to meet or exceed their recommended energy and dietary intake for their age. So focus instead on giving your child a healthy nutritional environment.Encourage them to explore new foods and to participate in cooking and grocery shopping.
  • Let your child choose an item to buy from the supermarket – so long as it’s something they’ve never tried before. When they’re old enough, give them a little money to buy a new food (also a great way of learning numbers and costs). If you’re game, let them find something new for you to try too, and give yourselves a reward for tasting it.
  • Make meal preparation a time for fun and working together. Let your little one add ingredients to dishes, sprinkle herbs or stir in the milk. Measuring out a teaspoon of liquid is good balancing practice… and adding four teaspoons calls on counting skills, too. Give your child a board and a plastic grater for some cheese or ask them to chop a courgette with a butter knife. If you can cope with the initial spillages, letting them get the family drinks will help develop their coordination.
    Younger children will love washing up, tearing up salad or getting messy with some floury dough. If the meal’s a success, celebrate by inviting one of their friends around and cook it again.

    I was a big fan of Annabel Karmel when Annabelle was younger and still own her books, the only one I need to buy is the book about fussy eaters.  However Ive just been on her website and she says 'Without going to unnecessary lengths, try to make sure your child’s food not only tastes good but looks good too. For example cut bagels into the shape of a snake or make teddy bear chicken rissoles (see my book Favourite Family Recipes). Instead of having a bowl of fruit on the table, cut a selection of colourful fruits into bite-sized pieces and thread onto a skewer or straw.
    Phil (daddy) and I will be discussing and deciding what meals she will have and I will share with you soon x


  1. oh the parent worrying about the inevitable fussy eating stage, if she is eating wholemeal bread fruit and yoghurt you have nothing to worry about.
    forget it, move on, put out other foods if they are eaten then great if not put them in the bin, say nothing, make no fuss and DO NOT let food become a battle ground.
    sorry I read so many parents getting their knickers in a twist over food and I say DONT, plain simple not worth it

  2. I've been lucky so far with mine - I just try to stay relaxed - they do eat more than you think they are. Look at what they eat in the day and it's more than you think. Sounds like at least the things she is choosing are relatively healthy!
    Hope she gets over this phase quickly.

  3. Thank you Supergran, I am a laid back mum with lots of experience with brothers younger and I worked in a nursery! I thought I would blog about it as working in a nursery I know lots of parents worry.

    Thank you 1978rebecca, she is back to normal!! I actually did the things in my quotes!!! thought i would test them!!

  4. Hi - I've come here via Love New Blogs

    Glad to hear the tips helped and your daughter is back to normal. I will try out the same tips.

    I've also found Bod for Tea's Fussy Eaters Support Club to be very helpful


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