Saturday, 2 April 2016

Even through tough times... Focus on what Matters and Think Positive

Tonight I have been seriously reflecting my life, mainly about the breakup with my Children's father.  I think that its because its the School Easter Holidays and I am looking after all 4 all the time, well except the day time on a Sunday.  So mainly the stress and frustration that I am left holding the babies is daunting.

Tonight I felt like writing about all the things that are driving me mad, mainly about my ex but I feel that that anger and anxiousness needs to go.  I remembered what I stood for, that it is so important to focus on what matters, think positive and know that good things will happen.

 Even though my Children are hard work, I would rather be in my shoes seeing them daily, laughing with them, cuddling them, playing with them, hearing their voices, seeing them grow, tucking them in bed than not.  They are so precious and really grow so fast.  They are my why, they are why I decided to leave a toxic relationship, they are the reason why I try my best to create a wonderful life for them.

I am proud to be their mummy!

                                      Love Victoria x

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