Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Stupid Peugeot 407!!!!

We have had our car, the Peugeot 407 for about a year now as we needed a bigger car as the cleo was just too small! I wanted a people carrier type car but Phil had his eyes set on the 407! We had been warned by a few people about Peugeot's and the expensive of the garage bills but unfortunatly there advice wasnt taken into consideration!

 It has been the garage a few times, from changing the tyres to the most expensive bill I have ever had from a garage £625!!! Where does a 'On a strict budget' have bloody £600 in the bank!Its a dream to have £50 extra in the bank!!!!! Luckly my dad lent us the money!

 It was the MOT on saturday, funnily enough it didn't pass, apparantly the brakes needed tightening.  Well we had taken the car to the garage repeatly but they said they were fine! Turns out it needed a gasket, I have no idea about cars so it may not be that! Well we have had our bill £200!! What annoys me is that they let Phil drive it home and the brakes were smoking.. What if myself and children were in the car?????

 Luckly when its paid from our proberly food budget we are looking at exchanging! This Time I am choosing with help of experts or we wouldn't have been in this mess.

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