Thursday, 5 April 2012

Whats a good friend???

  • Even though you havn't seen one another for weeks or months, when you see each other you feel like the last time was the week before

  • You can look a mess when you see them ( or feel it )

  • Same goes for your house, even though you know that friend is coming your don't feel you have to wash up or chuck everything in the dish washer and pretend your supermum

  • someone who makes you laugh, laughter = happiness

  • Understands your problems and talks about it in a way that makes you feel it isn't a problem

  • Someone you can trust who you feel trusts you back

  • Someone who goes out of there way to help you
There are many other points but these are the most important to me!! I am very lucky to have a few good friends! I hope they think Im a good friend back ;)

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