Sunday, 18 March 2012

Do you walk to keep fit? You need a pair of MBT's !!!

What are MBT's you ask?.......Premium footwear brand MBT.  The physiological footwear pioneer, MBT, offers active, stylish footwear, which has built-in instability that helps to increase movement while standing and walking. With this additional movement, MBTs help to improve posture, balance and increase muscle activation. Where can I buy them from? Is located on the ground floor at the Lowry Outlet Mall.

 My Review

I have to be honest, black trainers are not me as I am very girly but looks aren't everything are they? When I tried them on around the house it was like I was learning to walk again as the sole is rounded so your feet rock forward and back but it also felt like I was walking on the moon as they are so cushioned and your bounce as you walk!  Now if you are a mum like me who has one in a pram and the other one walking do not attempt to wear them then, it makes the walk much harder, I did not get far down my drive! However when I went for a walk on my own they were much more effective, it felt like it was easier to walk as the sole on the show is rounded and naturally moved as you did but when i got home I realised they had been working my calves!

 Now if I was buying this is what I would choose.. Looks very similar to other trainers with the added extra :)

The Lowry Outlet Mall is the perfect place to pick up your shopping bargains; offering savings of up to 60% off RRP all year round. For more information visit Follow us on Twitter @lowryoutletmall

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