Wednesday, 13 April 2016

5 Reasons why I love my Business with Acti-Labs- Video

Hey Everyone! I hope you have or are having a great day!

I am making this blog into a mix of my life and Business as I really don't have the time to post in 2 different blogs etc!

So I have a Business with a company called Acti-Labs, the products are makeup and for the body!

So here is my video sharing my 5 Reasons why I Love Acti-Labs!

                                       Victoria xx

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Even through tough times... Focus on what Matters and Think Positive

Tonight I have been seriously reflecting my life, mainly about the breakup with my Children's father.  I think that its because its the School Easter Holidays and I am looking after all 4 all the time, well except the day time on a Sunday.  So mainly the stress and frustration that I am left holding the babies is daunting.

Tonight I felt like writing about all the things that are driving me mad, mainly about my ex but I feel that that anger and anxiousness needs to go.  I remembered what I stood for, that it is so important to focus on what matters, think positive and know that good things will happen.

 Even though my Children are hard work, I would rather be in my shoes seeing them daily, laughing with them, cuddling them, playing with them, hearing their voices, seeing them grow, tucking them in bed than not.  They are so precious and really grow so fast.  They are my why, they are why I decided to leave a toxic relationship, they are the reason why I try my best to create a wonderful life for them.

I am proud to be their mummy!

                                      Love Victoria x

Thursday, 14 January 2016

How do I cope as a single Mum of 4?

Do you know sometimes I don't cope very well, but to be honest I think anyone would crack at times.  I'm a person that doesn't like blogging about the negatives, I can act negative sometimes but I don't like moaning on social media.  But...

Today I realised something, people like to see the raw truth, people like to see that your human, you aren't this positive person constantly, they can connect with you.  It doesn't mean you have to be obviously negative just explaining how you feel.

A little story, after school I brought the Children home and didn't stop because the children mainly my eldest wouldn't leave me alone so I didn't get a break.I decided they all needed a quick bath but this is where the  trouble started, I told them I was bathing Isaac first the almost 1 year old, so I ran the bath, my 3 year old decieded it was a great idea to throw the battery operated toys in into the bath so I wasn't very happy, then after I had sorted that out, my almost 5 year old banged his head, Victoria got stressed to the max.

I felt that I was unable to watch 4 children at the same time, in different room, I cracked.  My mum had to come over to calm me down as I wasn't happy.

Mum calmed them down and read them a story, even though it was difficult it was so lovely to see them reading books with mum.

So how do I cope? I stay positive, keep focused on what I love and help from family, mainly my mum.

Here is a photo!!

See you next time x

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Why I love Quotes so much

Sometimes I sit down on my laptop and just don't know where to start, then I decide I need to plan, then I start thinking too much about getting it perfect and guess what... nothing gets done.  I am sure I am not the only one.

Whats good is when you get started and get into the swing of things it becomes a habit so you are not sat there searching for inspiration.

So Why do I love quotes, when i'm in the struggle zone it gives me the motivation I need to just get started, just do it.

I know I should be blogging, so I just needed to get started.

You have to forget the negative thinking, the ego inside of you thats stopping you.

So if you are thinking about doing something, just do it :)

Monday, 21 December 2015

Surviving the Christmas Holidays with 4 little Ones

I am not going to lie, I was sort of worried about this holiday, I love Christmas don't get me wrong but that's 3 days out of 15.  Looking after 4 Children alone as a single parent is hard, much harder that it probably looks on the outside.  I mean bedtime I feel like i'm trying to put 4 actual Monkeys to bed.

Yesterday I made a decision, I decided that my anxiety over this is not going to ruin this holiday, ruin Christmas as its a strange Christmas as it is, being with someone 11 years, having 4 Children with them to then become a single mum and Christmas is not the same.  But it doesn't mean its going to be worse, in fact I know its going to be better.

Christmas is about being around family and friends that care about you and you care about them, its a time for giving and receiving, being grateful for those people in your life.  I know my Children are going to have a magical Christmas because I am going to give that to them.  Everything I do is for them.

I also decided that I had to change my mindset from negative to positive, I am a big believer in positive thinking, luckily I snapped myself out of that thinking.  So instead of thinking how hard my days were going to be I decided to think how I could make the days fun for all of us.

I want to share how my holidays are going and what we have been up too.

Today I took the Children to a local play cafe where I can have a coffee and chat with my friend whilst the Children get to play!  Isaac has got to the stage of crawling around with the others and they love it.

Here is Isaac today :)

Victoria x

Saturday, 19 December 2015

I was stronger than I thought- Becoming a Single Mum of 4

I started to write down my story of how it all happened how I became a single mum of 4.  Yes it was a horrible difficult time but its not going to help me or anyone else.

What I do know is that I am a Very Strong Person, I made the decision to change my path in life, I made a decision that I was worthy of more, I deserved someone by my side that truely loves me.  If I didn't make that choice I wouldn't be where I am today.

I have 4 young Children aged, 6,4,3 and 11 months and 5 Months ago I became a single mum, my life is hectic, hard at times as children are demanding but my life is so much better, I can actually see a future now and its going to be Amazing.

One thing that has amazed me is how strong I have been, from making that decision to end a 11 year old relationship, and not know if I will meet someone that would take on 4 Children( as that what I had drilled into me by my ex partner) but I didnt care I thought I would rather be single that be treated like rubbish.

Now I am a stronger person for it, i have a wobble here and there but I soon pick myself back up.

What is Amazing is that the future is bright, I get to be secure, I have 4 Happy Children and I have the opportunity to meet the Man for me.

I wanted to share this because I was once someone that was scared to make that decision, I didn't think I could cope on my own but I can and I am.

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Starting My Blogging Journey Again

Hello Everyone

Its been a while since I blogged consistently but I feel now is the right time to be sharing my life again.  My life has changed so much, one reason being is now I am a mum to 4 Children, under the age of 7, yes I'm a little mad!!

I feel that break did me a lot of good, when I used to blog, most of the time I sat down and had writers block, I felt I never had anything valuable to say, it was like I didn't find something other than my Children to be passionate about.

Looking back on memories of blogging as well as my posts if I was feeling down and negative I couldn't find anything to write about and I didn't want to come across sad and depressed.  If I did write about being stressed I always turned it into a positive post by looking on the bright side.

Now I have found some of my passions which is personal development, positive thinking and helping others with their life.  I found out about this when I started working online, I found so many valuable videos mainly and books that helped changed my mindset.

 Just over a year ago, I found out I was pregnant with my forth baby, so my work life got put on hold as looking after 3 young children was hard enough.  I tried to start blogging but due to one thing or another it didn't happen.

So from now on I will be blogging regularly, the posts will be about my life as a stay at home mum, my life about working from home, what its like to have 4 Children under the age of 7 years.  As well as reviews, help on getting organised and budgeting and lots more.

   See You Soon

                  Victoria x                                                                                                

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